6 Dream Destinations in Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a small island off the coast of the internationally famous island of Bali. Though small, Nusa Lembongan is famed as a quiet beachside tourist destination, and for good reason. This small island features some incredible cove-like beaches, incredible waves, and, if you go off the beaten track, some interesting excursions. So, here are 6 dream destinations in Nusa Lembongan.

1. Mushroom Beach

Mushroom Beach is a small beach ridden by boat traffic. You can tell, looking out onto the beach, that it was beautiful once – before tourists and hawkers crowded the beach with restaurants, accommodation, and boats taking tourists to and from snorkelling spots. Even so, it’s a good place to eat some lunch, and the snorkelling isn’t too bad… just stay far away from the boats!


2. The White Beach of the Mahagiri Resort

There is no doubt that this resort is pricey. However, sometimes those pricey resorts settle on the best spots of beach. This resort managed to grab a prime location on a stretch of gorgeous white beach on the island. And while this is in no way an advertisement for this expensive resort (though it did seem quite nice), it is a suggestion that you scope them out, use their pool, and frolic on their gorgeous beach.

Photo credit to Jennifer Johnson

3. Sunset Beach

We were probably not the first tourists to be surprised that the beach that all the signs pointed to was actually hidden behind resorts featuring infinity pools. This is a gorgeous place to watch the sun go down, as the sun sits directly above the resorts’ pools. If you feel guilty, buy yourself a slightly overpriced drink. Otherwise, enjoy the sunset and the waves. While the beach is beautiful we didn’t even venture onto the sand because the waves were so strong and there were rocks underfoot.

Photo credit to Jennifer Johnson

4. Devil’s Tears

Just a 100 meter walk from Dream Beach, the Devil’s Tears are an beautiful geological phenomenon. A small crowd gathers just to gawk as the heavy tide rushes at a cliffside. The tide fills in gaps in the cliff, eventually gathering enough strength that the wave pushes through to spew water through the rock. When walking towards the place where everyone goes to watch, a thin mist seems to glide over the rock. At the viewing point you can see the whole process, and even understanding how it works the crowd oohs and aahs. The gorgeous spurts of water through cliff remind the viewer of the name, the tears of the devil, as the water comes from the supposed underground home of the devil.


5. Dream Beach

This was my favourite beach that we visited, but don’t expect a place to lounge on gentle sand. This beach, though sandy, is small, and the waves are very, very big. On your way to the steps there is a cute swing that you can use to overlook the little bay. It was my favourite just because it was so beautiful and because the waves were so big. It was an adventure to try not to be swallowed up by the force of them.


* Although this is UNCONFIRMED, when I asked locals, they said that this was the place to see some fireflies after dark.

6. The Mangrove Forest

This small, easily missable tourist destination was a relaxing highlight. It’s situated beside the road – just follow the signs. The private tour in a small boat cost 50,000 ($5 CDN or $3.75 USD), and lasted for around an hour. Our guide spoke little English, but carefully rowed us through the mangroves and right to the edge of the inlet between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. It was relaxing, quiet, and beautiful. We could see the difference in the water’s colour as the forest touched the ocean. Best of all, you can see that this little boat ride goes directly to the local people who own the boats. It’s also a good place to pick up a few cute nicknacks.


BONUS: Seaweed Farming

Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida both farm seaweed extensively, so, if you’re curious about this very old farming technique, the side of the island close to the mangrove forest features some of the islands best seaweed farms. While this has become overshadowed by the more profitable tourism industry, many seaweed farms still exist on the island. As an added bonus, there are some fabulous restaurants nearby as well.

*TIP: Make sure you visit the seaweed farming during low tide earlier in the day or else you won’t see anything… hence this is a picture of the sunset.


Is there anything I’ve missed? What is your favourite place in Nusa Lembongan? Share in the comments below!


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