Settling into Bona

Ranah, Jen, and I have had a whirlwind of a trip for the last 85 days. We’ve explored as much of the Philippines as we could in 27 days, ventured into Malaysian Borneo, and had a wonderful “vacation from our vacation” in Bali and on the Gili Islands in Lombok. Now, though, Ranah and I are taking a bit of a break from it all. If you want to contact me, now would be a good time.

Why the vacation? Ranah wants to finish up her algae research, and I want to spend some time writing and editing some current projects.

So, until February 7th the two of us will be residing in Bona, Blahbatuh, a 30 minute drive from Ubud on the island of Bali. We’ve been here a few days so far, and it’s fabulous! It’s quiet, beautiful, and just what we need right now. There’s even a kitchen (though no oven, once again)!

Since we had been travelling in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia for over 3 months, on the day we arrived we paid tribute to one of the things we missed most from North America: cheese.


Note the backpacks in the background. I’m not joking when I say that this was genuinely the very first thing that we did in our new home.

Some fun facts about our new home:

  1. There is a dog. His name is Doggie. We have a soft spot for him so we feed him an egg every morning. I am very proud that I was able to convince Ranah to feed him, and now he even shows up in the morning for his egg before running off into the field. What can I say? I’m a Jewish mother in training. He was skinny!
  2. There is also a duck and a chicken. They sleep under hampers at night, apparently, but every night we hear this mysterious fluttering of wings. We still haven’t discovered the truth behind this mystery.
  3. At the beginning of our visit, we were invaded by an enemy infantry of hornets. There were fortresses stationed under our couch and in the bathroom, but we amassed our forces and deployed our weaponry of brooms and bug spray. Since then the enemy has fled.
  4. We also have geckos. They provide us with daily entertainment. Ranah has named them Charles, Alfred, and Wallace.
  5. We have Balinese neighbours who run the property for Susan. They are lovely. It’s a family with four children, including two adorable twins and a very nice daughter who took us to the hospital when Ranah was bitten by a dog earlier in the month. Tonight they’re taking us to a traditional ceremony, and in the past Gek was even kind enough to take me to the Bona market to help me with my groceries.
  6. The best time to buy groceries is at 7 AM. So much for lazy mornings!

So if you want to contact me, now’s the time! All is well, and I hope you’re well, too!



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