Andong Jimdalk Recipe

So, friends and family have been hearing all about my cooking classes at the Oncheonjeong Homeplus, so I figured I would finally give you all a taste of what I’ve been learning with one of my favourite Korean foods: Jimdalk. Please forgive my rusty recipe — I don’t understand enough Korean to translate from the…

Food in Jeonju

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Jeonju, one of Korea’s foodie capitals. Wow! There was some unique and delicious food in that small town, making the small city worth the reputation.

Food This Week: Sept. 5 – 20

This was a great (two) week(s) for food. Now, I know there are some people out there who like to eat, so I thought I might do a nice little post about that thing that we all do from time to time, but with Busan food.